Microsoft is combining the Connected Systems Division (CSD), formerly run by corporate vice-president Robert Wahbe, with the Data and Storage Platforms Division under the leadership of corporate vice president Ted Kummert. Microsoft is calling this new group the Business Platform Division (BPD). The CSD technologies include Windows Application Server, BizTalk Server, .NET Framework technologies including Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation,.NET cloud services, and the "Oslo" modeling platform.

The new BPD will be part of the Server and Tools Business group, run by Microsoft president, Bob Muglia. Under Kummert, Microsoft says that BPD will enable greater synergies between product groups and help the company pursue its goals from the application tier to the storage tier in a more integrated way. The combined organization will continue to invest in the tools and services developers and IT professionals need to model, develop, deploy, scale and manage business applications more productively in an increasingly connected yet distributed environment, according to a Microsoft press release.

Wahbe has moved over to run Server and Tools marketing, a position vacated last year by Andrew Lees. Both Kummert and Wahbe will report to Muglia.

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