Why the Correct Information Infrastructure is Crucial for SQL Server 2012 Implementations.pdf

DBAs will always think about response times and user profiles, while storage managers will think about capacity and backup needs. But is storage always considered—really considered—when key applications such as SQL Server are being implemented and grown? All too often, it can be an afterthought. Yet not only is storage a crucial foundational infrastructure that supports mission-critical applications such as SQL Server, but it also can be something that actually affects the achieved business value of the application: Good storage, well implemented, can enhance and optimize the application.

This white paper highlights details around SQL Server 2012 and EMC storage products so that IT managers (if they are not already doing so) can focus on the database system and storage hardware relationship. Dependencies do exist. Also, there is optimized value to be enjoyed. Quite simply, storage must be actively considered in concert with SQL Server; if not, it is almost certain that costs will rise and quality of service will decline. Certainly, neither will be optimized.