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One of the most powerful features of SQL Server is SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), available with all editions of SQL Server, from Express to Enterprise. Using SSRS, you can quickly develop reports that give your users easy access to important business data.

In this new online training course, you will learn how to get started with the tools used to develop, test and deploy reports. You'll see how to develop full-featured reports, including drill-down reports, charts, and visualizations, with interactive prompts that let your users select the data they need.

The class is structured with a combination of online training and hands-on labs. Using the fully-illustrated and detailed step-by-step instructions in the labs, you'll create a test environment on your PC to use the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). Each lab builds upon the skills you learn in the previous lab. You'll build a variety of reports and learn many techniques to customize the reports for your exact requirements.

This course is ideal for any developer who wants to get started with SSRS and get results fast. You don't need any previous experience with SSRS or SSDT. You should have some experience with relational databases and know the basics of using SQL, but you don't need to be a SQL Server expert to take advantage of this training. In fact, knowledgeable users who are adept with Excel or other reporting tools will be able to take advantage of this training.

Each online session is accompanied by the lab materials for that session, delivered as a PDF that you can view or print from your PC. The labs are fully illustrated, showing you step-by-step exactly what to do to use features of SSDT to develop your reports. Each lab will take about 2 or 3 hours to work through, and will show you how to make use of the features that are shown in the online session. You'll find the labs are useful not only for learning how to use the features, but also for future reference.

This course uses the no-charge SQL Server Express 2014 edition, which includes SSRS and SSDT. The skills you learn can be applied to previous versions of SQL Server and SSRS, including SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008 R2, and SQL Server 2008. Most of the features also are usable with SQL Server 2005.


Course Agenda:

Session 1: Getting Started With SSRS

In this session, you'll install and configure SSRS and SSDT on your PC. You'll create a basic report using the Wizard that is provided in SSDT, and learn how to view and test the report on your PC.

  • Install SQL Server Express 2014 on your PC, including SSRS and SSDT
  • Install the test database
  • Basics of the SSDT environment
  • Use the SSRS Wizard to create a report
  • Run the report in SSDT, work with output options


Session 2: Adding Features to Reports

This session builds upon the skills from Session 1. You'll learn how to add parameters to a report and pass the parameters to an embedded SELECT statement and to a stored procedure. You'll learn the basics of expressions, functions, and global variables, and see how those features interact with your report data. Finally, you'll learn how to use grouping features to provide totals and subtotals for your reports.

  • Work with data sources and datasets
  • Define parameters and pass values to SELECT statements
  • Create parameters based on a query
  • Work with the Matrix control
  • Work with grouping and totaling features
  • Report formatting (font, color, alignment, numeric and other formatting features)


Session 3: Drill-downs and Charts

Because SSRS reports are typically accessed in a web browser, users will expect to be able to interact with a report. One of the basic interactions that you can provide is a drill-down, where a user can click a data element to display additional information. In this session, you'll learn how to add drill-down capabilities and link one report to another. You'll also learn how to work with some of the basic chart types and add drill-down features to a chart.

  • Add drill-downs to a list report (expand/contract)
  • Add hyperlinks to data
  • Create basic bar and pie charts on reports
  • Add interactivity to charts


Session 4: More About Charts and Visualizations

This session works with additional chart types, including how to change from one chart type to another, how to use indicators, sparklines, maps, and other features.

  • Line, Area and Pie charts
  • Working with the Chart Area to control legends and formatting
  • Gauges and Maps
  • Indicators and Sparklines


Session 5: Basic Deployment to the SSRS Report Server

After developing your reports, you need to deploy the reports so they are accessible to your users. This session shows how to deploy reports from SSDT to the Report Server and how to import Report Definition Language (RDL) files into the Report Server. You'll learn the basics of organizing reports and data sources on the Report Server and the basics of securing reports.

  • Working with the Report Manager
  • Deploy finished reports from SSDT
  • Deploy a report from the RDL file
  • Configure folders, data sources and reports in the Report Manager
  • Configure report security using the Report Manager


About Our Instructor:

Craig Pelkie is an independent consultant who has created a number of training courses focused on Microsoft and IBM midrange technologies, including courses for .NET programming using C# and Visual Basic, SQL Server, mobile development, and other topics. Craig specializes in creating hands-on training materials that help developers get up to speed with visual development tools and environments so that they can quickly become productive with the tools.

Craig can be contacted at craig@web400.com if you have questions about the course.


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