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A new year has started, and the countdown has begun for millions of people to file their taxes. As more people prepare their taxes online, there’s a tremendous opportunity for online tax preparation companies to grow their business, but only if they can keep up with traffic. TaxSlayer is currently the fourth largest online tax preparation company in the US, and it’s on a path of rapid expansion. In order to achieve this goal, the company needs to be sure its complex infrastructure can handle an onslaught of millions of people logging online.

In this webinar, Sumeet Bansal, Senior Solutions Architect of Databases at Tegile, sits down with Michael Blache, Chief Information Security Officer of TaxSlayer, to discuss how Tegile flash storage solutions helped TaxSlayer overcome their infrastructure challenges.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to identify and isolate bottlenecks within your IT infrastructure
  • How technologies like virtualization and the cloud can help you meet the demand of temporary spikes in traffic
  • How to select and optimize your data storage for peak traffic
  • How to modernize your Microsoft SQL Server database platform to prepare for company growth

Join Tegile and TaxSlayer on February 11th to see how a change to TaxSlayer’s IT infrastructure has helped them grow their business. Stick around to hear Michael’s plans for the future of TaxSlayer’s infrastructure, and how Tegile will help make them possible.

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Sumeet Bansal, VP of IT and lead DBA

As VP of IT and lead DBA, Sumeet Bansal implemented flash technology at in late 2009 to solve critical business problems. He implemented the first data warehouse at to streamline analytical reporting. He has over 16 years of IT experience covering database platforms such as Oracle and SQL Server along with datacenter architectures. His database experience involves extensive hands-on work with database performance, application acceleration and systems administration. Sumeet has been the resident SQL Server and database expert at several top flash companies including: Fusion-io, Violin Memory and most recently Tegile.

Michael Blache, MSIA, CISSP

Michael Blache has spent over 19 years working with IT infrastructure and enterprise level solutions in the private sector and the military (Air Force and Navy). As the Chief Information Security Officer at TaxSlayer, he routinely pushes the limits of technology by thinking outside of the box and digging deep to find the why, not just the how.