SQL Server Data Tools for SQL Server 2014 Commented on: 2 years ago (March 10, 2015)

*updated down below*

SQL Server Management Studio Requires Modernization Commented on: 2 years ago (February 6, 2015)

Great sentiment.

As for a list of things to change:
- Time to SERIOUSLY upgrade the next version of SSMS to STOP requiring .NET Framework 2.0 (i.e., 3.5).
- Check out my...

Finding SQL Server Agent Jobs Running at a Particular Time Commented on: 3 years ago (October 20, 2014)

@smichel Yes - this will work just fine under SQL Server 2012 (or at least it does on my servers).

AlwaysOn Availability Groups and SQL Server Jobs, Part 9: Dynamic Detection Gotcha #2 Commented on: 3 years ago (October 9, 2014)


Thanks a ton for posting. Funny thing is, I thought the same thing - initially, and swear I checked this a couple of times to verify that it didn't actually work as expected.


Configuring AlwaysOn Read-Only Replicas Commented on: 3 years ago (August 2, 2014)

It should also be noted that enabling scale-out connections like this means you're no longer using your secondary replicas as 'failover' replicas - and you therefore need to FULLY license the...

Sending SQL Server Database Mail Alerts via Amazon’s SES Commented on: 4 years ago (August 22, 2013)

@jxhyao. You can, as outlined here:

Use whatever works best for...

Using Dropbox for SQL Server Backups Commented on: 4 years ago (March 1, 2013) @Marc That's correct. By default DropBox just ends up mirroring whatever's local. So it's NOT going to work for typical scenarios where you keep n Days' worth of backups on-box (and...
SQL Server 2012 Contained Databases Commented on: 5 years ago (October 4, 2012) @GREG_BURNS Thanks for the heads-up. I just double-checked the code for that video link, and everything looked fine. Feel free to email me directly or complain on SSV.com (in the comments) if you...
SQL Injection – Beyond the Basics Commented on: 5 years ago (June 16, 2012) @tatworth. Correct. Least Privilege is implied in the article (as there just wasn't enough time/space available to address ALL best practices here). It's also worth mentioning, of course,...
SQL Server Backups: When More is Less Commented on: 5 years ago (March 6, 2012) Jeffery, Thanks for taking the time to post the in-depth comments. I could have sworn that I 'updated' this post to provide a link to this post: http://www.sqlmag.com/blog/practical-sql-...

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